Pengaruh Pengembangan Produk dan Harga terhadap Volume Penjualan di PT. Aria Cipta Perkasa

  • Robby Simanjuntak Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Labora


The purpose of this study was to study the effect of product development and price on sales volume at PT Aria Cipta Perkasa. This type of research is field research. The data used is secondary data. Secondary data were obtained based on sales record and documented evidence. In this study the sampling technique was using purposive sampling technique. From the data processing results are obtained a linear linear regression with the equation Y = 224,668 + 43,385X1 - 1,779X2. The impact of product development and price on sales volume was 80.7%. Based on the results of the product development t-test 0.011 < 0.05 is significant, meaning that the product development variable is significantly affecting the sales volume. The value variable has a value proportionality of 0.074> 0.05 which is not significant, meaning that the price variable has no significant relationship with sales volume. The results of the F-test indicate that the probability of 0.003 <0.05 means that product development and price are simultaneous or jointly influenced by sales volume in PT Aria Cipta Perkasa.